• Welcome to stambrosechurch.net

    The internet home of St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church located in Grosse Pointe Park/Detroit.

    St. Ambrose Parish is a “communio” of Catholic Christians. A communio is a group of Christians working together as best they can to become a forgiving, loving, serving, sharing brother and sisterhood. We have voluntarily come together in response to God’s Word as we have heard it in the Old and New Testaments, in the present and past history of our Church, in the signs of the times and in our own individual, familial and communal lives.

    We see as our mission the strengthening of our union, the proclamation of God’s Word within and outside of our membership and the nourishing of our own spiritual growth. We seek to increase our own spiritual growth. We seek to increase our understanding that our parish community includes the local community, the nation and the world.

    We recognize that we exist not only for ourselves. We seek constantly to broaden our awareness of the needs of the people whom we are called to serve and with this expanding awareness, to address those needs more fully.

  • Meet the St. Ambrose Family

    St. Ambrose Parish boasts a growing and diverse population.  The next time you attend Mass, look around you.  Who are your neighbors?  It could be a young engaged couple, children, grandparents, large families, young families with babies, the elderly and singles.  St. Ambrose parish runs the gamut, coming from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds. 

    The glory of our parish is that it represents a cross section of the metropolitan Detroit area. Each brings a special gift to St. Ambrose — so many people, from all walks of life, coming together, unified in one sole purpose:  to worship and praise God, and to love one another.